My last name is Pickle and I am pleasantly disruptive. I am a tech nerd and car junkie. I claim to be “the son my dad never had” and I wholeheartedly embrace everything interactive.


I geek out about server-talk and database encryption. You want to know the differences and intricacies of .mp4, .mov, .wmv, ProRes, and H.264? You need to get that video to play on your web or mobile platform? I could talk to you about this for hours but I’ll get you an answer in 15 minutes.


Whether it’s producing a client video or overseeing the start-to-finish development of a website, I am able to mitigate risk and think holistically while maintaining an acute sense for detail. In my opinion, the definition of “interactive” is blurry and changes constantly. Therefore, I make it a priority to stay abreast of social, film and digital best practices.


Currently, I manage a wide variety of AT&T’s external websites, internal platforms and social media channels. I am constantly working under strict client deadlines and juggling dozens of projects at once all while managing resources, developers and designers. In addition to digital undertakings, I also manage creative design projects and video productions.


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